Interactive launch event for Flanders Metals Valley vzw (31 March, 14-16h)

On March 31 (14-16h) the launch event for Flanders Metals Valley vzw will take place, feature testimonials by An Steegen (CTO Umicore), Bernard Hallemans (CEO Aperam Stainless Europe) and Sven Vandeputte (Gedelegeerd Bestuurder OCAS). The event, which will be an interactive on-line event, will be presented by Mathias Chintinne (Metallo) and Bart Blanpain (KU Leuven). The host for the event is Umicore (Hall-O, Umicore interactive vistor centre in Olen).

Register for the launch event

Stakeholders can register here. To stimulate the participatory character of FMV, a small questionnaire is also included.

About Flanders Metals Valley

Flanders Metals Valley is a catalyst for a vibrant, climate-neutral and circular metallurgical cluster in Flanders, dynamically embedded in an international industrial ecosystem. Flanders Metals Valley stimulates enthusing education and groundbreaking research in the domain of sustainable metallurgy. On 31

Flanders Metals Valley will be established as a Strategic Interest Group within the Spearhead Cluster SIM-Flanders (pending formal approval by the SIM Board).

Flanders Metals Valley vzw will be open for all members who sign a formal Letter of Commitment. Flanders Metals Valley targets companies, knowledge institutes and other organisations (incl. civil society) that are active in the broad metallurgical cluster in Flanders (ranging from companies/actors dealing with metal production, metal processing, product manufacturing and valorisation of metal-containing waste streams and residues.)

FMV start-up team: Mathias Chintinne (Metallo), Frederik Verhaeghe (Umicore), Geert Van Beveren (Aperam), Sven Vandeputte (OCAS), Bart Blanpain (HiTemp-KU Leuven), Annelies Malfliet (HiTemp-KU Leuven), Peter Tom Jones (SIM² KU Leuven)

FMV LinkedIn page: View here

FMV website: View here

Photo: Umicore's Hall-O visitor centre in Olen, which will serve as the venue for the FMV launch event (photo courtesy of Bailleul Ontwerpbureau)